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How to Find Sustainable Seafood While Traveling

A piece for AFAR Magazine on seeking out sustainable seafood around the world, and why it matters.

Afropunk, Huichica and More: 8 Music Festivals to Hit This Year

A feature on destination-worthy U.S. music festivals in 2019 for The New York Times travel section.

Walk Past Those Limp Salads: Real Food Is Now Available By Gate 6

On the wave of “destination-worthy” food in U.S. airports, for The New York Times travel section.

A San Francisco Restaurant As Cool As Its Name Promises

A review of San Francisco’s Che Fico for The New York Times travel section’s Bites column.

Make the Friends Happy. Don’t Have a Wedding Party.

A piece for The New York Times wedding section on the trend of wedding party-free weddings.

Five Places To Go In San Francisco

A write-up of the emerging craft booze scene in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood for The New York Times Travel section.

The Attendants Made The Toast. (The Couple Brewed The Beer.)

A piece for the The New York Times Sunday Styles on homebrew beer at weddings.

They Have No Reservations (About Each Other)

A feature on chef Melissa Perello and Robert Wright’s Northern California wedding for the The New York Times.

Vinhão Is The Blood-Colored Bastard of Vinho Verde

A look at the little-known, but culturally essential red wines coming out of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region for VICE.

Make Hummus, Not Walls: A Food Tour of Ramallah

An essay for The Concourse about a food-filled trip to the West Bank.

Drunken American Storytelling

A longform feature for SF Weekly about Hoodslam, a raucous, adults-only celebration of wrestling and pop culture in Oakland.

Extra Añejo: Behind Tequila’s Big Luxury Play

A dive into the motivations behind tequila’s extra añejo designation, and what hardcore agave enthusiasts think about the place of brown booze in the tequila world.

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