Reading: Girl In A Band By Kim Gordon


I just tore through Kim Gordon’s memoir Girl In A Band — the badass lady rocker of Sonic Youth sounds off on her early influences, her artistic inspiration, and even touches on the (heartbreaking) break-up between her and bandmate Thurston Moore after decades of marriage (and the band’s break-up shortly thereafter). Gordon’s honesty in all of the above is striking, her writing clean and engaging, and her recollections of the band’s early days are thrilling.

The best part, though, was her detailed accounts of Sonic Youth’s various albums, side projects, and songwriting. Needless to say, I’ve been on a Sonic Youth kick since, and am unsurprised to find that I dig their discordant noise rock as much as ever. The best, though, has been the discovery of Ciccone Youth, Sonic Youth’s one-album side project that’s basically a super weird study of ’80s pop culture. They’ve got an awesomely dark Madonna cover called “Into The Groovey,” and a version of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” that Kim recorded in a karaoke booth (!). Both the book, and Sonic Youth’s discography, are highly recommended.

Soundtrack: Ciccone Youth — Addicted to Love

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