Santa Cruz: Live Music, Craft Beer, and Breakfast Burritos


We’ve found plenty of reasons to get down to Santa Cruz — it’s a decently short drive from San Francisco, has great surf, and is home to one of my favorite music venues ever. The Rio is a converted movie theater, complete with stadium seating, a small pit, and an in-your-face stage that allows you to get all kinds of close to the band in question. We caught The Wood Brothers there in this past January, but the best was seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 2013. While it’s close enough to get back to the city after the show, I’d much rather stay the night — there are tons of great breweries to explore (check out my write-up on some of them in 7×7), and the greatest breakfast burritos in the world (or at least in Northern California).

Soundtrack: Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Zero

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